Psychology in Malaysia

A career as a psychologist in Malaysia can be rewarding. If you have the skills and the drive to succeed, you could pursue this career in Malaysia. It takes about six to eight years to complete a psychology degree. To start your training, you need to complete a Pre-University Programme, which lasts a year to 1.5 years. In the second year of your education, you will take a Post-University Programme (PUP) that will take you an additional two years to complete.

Average salary for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the average salary for a clinical psychologist is MYR 111,104 a year or MYR 53 an hour. This salary is higher than the national average of MYR 76,884. Clinical psychologists in Malaysia typically earn anywhere from MYR 76,884 to MYR 135,435 per year. The highest educational level for clinical psychologists in Malaysia is a Doctorate Degree. The compensation data used by ERI is based on salary surveys conducted by the organization. It also takes into account the cost of living index, gasoline prices, and effective income tax rates.

The salary of a Counseling Psychologist in Malaysia depends on the type of work. This role requires extensive training in theory and practice. A doctorate degree in psychology is required to become a Clinical Psychologist. However, a Master’s degree in the field can help someone land a Therapy position. Additionally, a Psychiatrist must complete training in a medical school. This degree allows them to diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medication.

Entry requirements to study psychology in Malaysia

Those who want to study psychology in Malaysia will need to meet certain requirements. The Diploma in Psychology will require you to have a minimum CGPA of 2.0. You can also waive your SPM credit requirement if you have equivalent grades. However, entry requirements for different programmes may vary. Check with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) for details. They publish a Comparative List of International Qualifications With STPM and SPM.

Regardless of the type of specialization, you must meet certain prerequisites to study psychology in Malaysia. The degree aims to provide a broad understanding of human behaviour, as well as the conceptual framework behind it. You should also be capable of interpreting and using data from scientific studies. You should also have a keen interest in social issues, such as human rights and the environment. Besides, psychology requires you to be a good team player.

Specialised areas for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are very few clinical psychologists. As a result, the number of these professionals is low, but they provide important services in the treatment of psychological disorders. Their main tasks are to investigate psychological disorders, screen and advise clients, and recommend the most appropriate treatment methods. Clinical psychologists work in all departments of a teaching hospital. As such, they are able to serve all types of clients, including those who are being treated for mental illnesses.

There are a number of ways to become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia. You can opt to specialise in one or two areas. Although most of them specialize in general psychology, some can focus on specific areas, such as addictions, phobias, developmental disorders, and family issues. If you are planning to work internationally, you may want to consider getting a P certificate. This is much easier to obtain and pays better than a PsyD.