Car Rims That Not Under Spare Parts Exemption Can Enjoy The Community Designs Protection


A significant vehicle company filed lawsuit against a company trading in automobile rims alleging breach of lots of the vehicle firm’s registered domain designs. To be able to determine the range of the alleged breach, the automobile firm sought an advice arrangement regarding, among other items, the source of these rims as well as the amount of canals imported and marketed.

The Stockholm District Court found for the automobile business and arranged the importer to obey the advice order on punishment of a good.

The importer appealed, asserting that components were component parts of a intricate product (a vehicle) used to fix and restore the initial look of the intricate item. The importer further contended that this decision was attracted by an Italian court, although signs wasn’t provided for the effect, which because the canals were lawfully made and imported from Italy, they are exported and marketed inside the European Union.


In the event the rims had been found to compose such components, the data order would therefore be overturned.

The Court of Appeal found that backpacks normally possess an unaffiliated layout in connection to the remainder of the automobile. A car’s look isn’t typically determined by a rim at the feeling that there’s simply one potential rim for a specific automobile model. To the contrary, it’s potential and intended the visual appeal of an auto could be varied via the individual selection of rims. As stated by the courtroom, rims are consequently not normally part parts which are meant for the sole goal of restoring a vehicle’s authentic look and don’t constitute spare components under Article 110(1).

Under those conditions, the data order from the importer was preserved and the case has been sent back into the district court to be determined on the merits.